Available for pre-order!

The Day the Earth Stands Still, the new book I am honored to co-author with Josh Peck, is just a few weeks from official release. But you can pre-order now!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8v2ETeU1m4[/embedyt]

It’s available at the usual places, but your best deal is through SkyWatchTV — over $300 worth of books and DVDs for just $40, including newly released editions of Dr. Michael Heiser’s novels The Façade and The Portent, Josh Peck’s Unraveling the Multiverse, and exclusive interviews on the UFO and “alien” abduction phenomena you won’t see anywhere else! (No, not even YouTube.)

Guests include:

  • Gary Stearman
  • Chuck Missler
  • Joe Jordan
  • Paul McGuire
  • Joyce Ahrens
  • Dr. Michael Heiser
  • Guy Malone
  • Russ Dizdar
  • Stan Deyo
  • Cris Putnam
  • Derrel Sims, the “Alien Hunter”
  • L.A.Marzulli
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