Back from Dallas

As enjoyable as it is to meet new friends and share the exciting things we’re finding in the research for the books, it’s great to get back home.

The Hear the Watchmen Conference was a great success. It was an honor to speak to the gathering, especially as I was able to share some of the moving prose Sharon created for her forthcoming series of novels.

Sharon and I especially appreciated the opportunity to participate in the marriage panel that opened the conference with the Begleys, Daubenmires, and Tolleys. There was much wisdom imparted from that panel, in spite of my presence on the stage. It was very well received, and similar sessions will probably be offered at future conferences.

It does appear that I’m developing a reputation as the guy who cries at these things. Can’t help it. Being surrounded by so many fellow soldiers in the supernatural war in which we’ve been deployed is an emotionally powerful experience.

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