Hey, let your friends know the Bible isn’t boring! Please subscribe and share these videos around the web! The story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea is a lot more than what you’ve been told. This is #8 in a series of short videos highlighting key points from theContinue Reading

High enough to keep us on the ridge! My scheduled talk at Southside Apostolic Faith Church in Joplin, Missouri has been postponed until Sunday, June 25. There are more stretches of road like this between here and there.Continue Reading

The rebellion of the small-G gods didn’t work out so well for them. See Psalm 82 — a day is coming when the gods of the nations will die like men.Continue Reading

CNN is already blaming President Trump for the economy’s slow growth. He was inaugurated January 20th. How can he possibly be responsible for the 1st quarter of the year, good or bad? Based on the Obama template, Trump won’t be accountable for the economy until about 2022.Continue Reading

Sharon and I met a couple fantastic young men from a ministry called Don’t Let Them Burn at the Hear the Watchmen Conference in Dallas. Chris and Rory gave us a few minutes to talk about the comeback of the old gods of Greece, Rome, and Babylon in movies, graphic novels, and comicContinue Reading

Why was God so offended by the Tower of Babel? Was it because it sat on top of the Abyss? Here’s the latest nugget based on my new book The Great Inception, Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release in three different categories! Find more videos and articles drawn from the book atContinue Reading

The question facing the United Methodist Church is not really whether bishop Dr. Karen Oliveto, an openly non-celibate lesbian, should have been ordained and elevated to the post of bishop. The question is why she’s still in the denomination at all.Continue Reading