Hypocrisy of the Blob

Referring to the foreign policy establishment in Washington, which is very nearly in open rebellion against President-elect Trump. On Sunday, outgoing CIA director John Brennan took Trump to task, questioning whether Trump knows what he’s doing.

Journalist Jon Rappoport calls BS on the CIA’s “expertise”:

The CIA is a criminal agency.

Is that clear enough?

Long ago, the CIA criminally stepped outside its mandate, in order to shape world events it had no business participating in. Is that clear enough?

In that regard, do these names and phrases mean anything to you, Mr. Brennan?

  • The Gehlen Org.
  • Operation Gladio.
  • Operation CHAOS.
  • Nugan Hand Bank.
  • BCCI Bank.
  • Golden Triangle. Asian heroin.
  • Air America.
  • Central American cocaine. Mena.
  • The Contras.
  • Henry Luce. William Paley. Arthur Sulzberger. Operation Mockingbird.
  • Overthrow of Mohammed Mossadegh (Iran).
  • Overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz (Guatemala).
  • Murder of Patrice Lumumba (Congo).
  • Bay of Pigs.
  • JFK.
  • Diem assassination.
  • Rafael Trujillo assassination.
  • Sukarno. Suharto.
  • East Timor genocide.
  • Military coup—Greece.
  • Allende.
  • Gulf of Tonkin.
  • Operation Phoenix.
  • Laos bombing.
  • Sihanouk.
  • The Khmer Rouge.
  • El Salvador death squads.

On and on it goes…


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