The trouble with Facebook

Please don’t add me to a Facebook group without asking. I’ve left about 30 groups over the last week that I didn’t even know I was a member of.
My membership in a group implies that I am interested in the topic and/or agree with the views of the group owner. That ain’t necessarily so. One of the groups was some kind of adult “friend finder”, which is not something I would ever join. My best friend is sitting about six feet from me as I type this.
Let me be clear: Whoever added me to that one is not a friend in any way, shape, or form. That’s the kind of thing that ruins reputations and relationships.
I appreciate your interest in my participation, but if you add me without asking, I will leave.
And Facebook: Why don’t you have an option that requires my approval before I’m added to a group? This is a real opportunity for abuse.
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