Cruz and Fiorina: Smacks of desperation

I had no opinion of Senator Ted Cruz one way or the other when this election cycle started. And like many, I thought Donald Trump’s campaign was a joke when he announced his decision to run. However, his ability to tap into the frustration of the American middle class has been uncanny, and watching the GOP establishment twist itself into knots trying to figure out how to stop Trump has been great entertainment.

The admission of many leading GOP power brokers that they’d prefer Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump was as good as an endorsement for Trump in my book. Leading “conservative” opinion shapers like National Review and Townhall have grown increasingly frantic that the voters aren’t following their lead. Why should we? The GOP has promised smaller, more responsible government election after election. Instead, they’ve embroiled us in neverending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, sold out the middle class and American sovereignty with trade deals that benefit the wealthy, and increased the size, scope, and intrusive reach of the federal government.

Meanwhile, Sen. Cruz has demonstrated that he’s willing to lawyer his way to the nomination, reach out to Wall Street banksters, and cut deals with the party elites. Cruz may be a party outsider, but he really, really wants in.

So this breathless column by Rebecca Hagelin at in the wake of Cruz’ announcement of Carly Fiorina as his running mate, coming a couple days after he was mathematically eliminated from wining the nomination outright, comes off like it’s part of an organized campaign by party insiders to maneuver public opinion ahead of the GOP convention.

Cruz and Fiorina: The Face of the New GOP; the Hope for a New Birth of Freedom

Ted Cruz’ race for the White House has never been about the pundits, nor has it ever been about maintaining the status quo. It’s always been about one thing: the people.

Yes. One people.  A people named Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina are a gift from God to America—perhaps our last chance to fully restore the gift of liberty He so graciously provided at our nation’s founding.

Ah, the “most important election ever”.  When have we heard that before?  Every presidential election since 1992.

When Ted and Carly are in the White House, the Washington Cartel and dealmakers like Hillary and Donald, who have made big bucks from big business at the expense of the people, will be history. The aristocratic, elitist thugs that are the Clintons and Trumps of the world will be stripped of their power and will be forced to release their stranglehold on decent, honest Americans who work hard to take care of their families. When Obama and his minions are gone, Hillary and Donald will be booted out of Washington with them.

Are you kidding me? Cruz owes more than a million dollars to Goldman Sachs (where  his wife Heidi is an investment manager) and Citi! That’s how he financed his 2012 senate campaign. Less than three weeks ago, Cruz reached out to Wall Street again for more campaign cash. According to the NewsMax piece, the Cruz campaign had already taken in $12 million from Wall Street.

Good grief, Charlie Brown. How many times does Lucy have to pull away the football before you quit playing this game?

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