Who really killed JFK?

corsi_jfkI read Who Killed John F. Kennedy: New Research into the JFK Assassination, Dr. Jerome Corsi’s new e-book, last night. It is intended as an extension of last year’s Who Really Killed Kennedy?, but this is also a nice primer for people like me who are somewhat familiar with the case but without the time to dig deeper into the available research.

It is clear that multiple shooters were involved, which is enough to demolish the facade erected by the Warren Commission. In a sense, the Dictabelt recording is the WTC 7 of the Kennedy assassination.

I also appreciate that Dr. Corsi doesn’t advance a theory of his own, choosing instead to highlight possibilities — those with motive and opportunity. Defenders of the official story always find it easier to attack pet theories and make skeptics look foolish than to defend lies. The burden of proof should be on them.

For a small price, this ebook is worth owning. Corsi promises to update the e-book as new information comes to light and those who buy the book will get updates for free.

Dr. Corsi will be a guest on my program A View From the Bunker next week.  I’ll update this post with the link once the show is posted.

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