One New Man propaganda

Did the Reformers rewrite the Bible to be anti-Semitic? A new film, Let the Lion Roar, claims that they did. If only we had manuscripts that pre-date the 16th century to know whether this conspiracy is true!

Kevin Sorbo as John Calvin
Kevin Sorbo as John Calvin

Oh, wait–we do. It isn’t.

The fact that “One New Man” promoters Chuck Pierce, Sid Roth, and Paul Wilbur are in the film tells me that this new movie has another agenda. The presence of several characters in the film literally named “One New Man Figure” is another clue.

This film isn’t just pro-Israel. It appears to promote the Kingdom Now agenda of encouraging the Church to support the return of Jews to Israel to blend with Christians into One New Man, who, Dominionists like Pierce teach, will inherit the land promised to Abraham’s descendants.

That’s problematic since it would include not just the Palestinian territories, but Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, and at least parts of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, and Turkey.

Also problematic: The One New Man described by the apostle Paul in chapter 2 of Ephesians was created at the moment of Christ’s resurrection. It’s history, not prophecy.

From the film’s description: ”Unlike fictional accounts of the faith, however, ‘Let the Lion Roar’ reveals a true supernatural conspiracy that wove false beliefs into the very fabric of the Church – lies that keep the Church today from fulfilling God’s purpose.”

Let me be clear: Replacement theology is not biblical. The Church has not replaced Israel in God’s end game.

But neither is dominion God’s purpose for the Church.

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