UK PM Boris Johnson is catching heat for announcing his Plan B response to the omicron variant, which came as news broke of three alleged parties at 10 Downing Street last Christmas in violation of COVID restrictions.Continue Reading

BuzzFeed News reports that that at least 10 CIA employees and contractors committed sexual crimes involving children, but only one was ever charged with a crime—apparently because the agency fears prosecution will reveal state secrets.Continue Reading

Eight people were killed and hundreds injured at rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston last Friday. His stage looked like a portal to the netherworld at the base of a mountain, an image that evokes Mount Hermon and the Grotto of Pan.Continue Reading

A peer-reviewed academic paper published this week documents hard evidence of a Tunguska-like explosion in the atmosphere that destroyed an ancient city near Jericho that fits the biblical description of Sodom. SkyWatchTV was banned by YouTube! Please follow SkyWatchTV on Rumble:  5) The contrived border crisis; 4) COVID casesContinue Reading

Some 30 million Americans could face homelessness after a moratorium on evictions expired Saturday. Meanwhile, America’s largest corporate landlords are ready to snap up foreclosed homes to add to their holdings. Is this part of the Great Reset?Continue Reading

A spyware app called Pegasus has been marketed to governments around the world and used to turn mobile phones into surveillance devices targeting journalists and dissidents. Watch for calls to form a global cybersecurity agency—something the World Economic Forum is already promoting with some powerful backers.Continue Reading

A court-appointed public defender has taken it upon herself to recommend reading and viewing material for clients charged in connection with the Capitol riot January 6. It’s been described as “a remedial social studies program.”

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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum suffered major losses after China tightened restrictions that ban financial institutions from offering services involving cryptos. Note: China’s central bank announced its own digital currency just six weeks ago.

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Health officials in the US are getting creative to try to convince those who are reluctant to be vaccinated against SARS-2 to take the jab. Or is “coercive” more accurate?

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A record 34% of household income in the US is now in the form of transfer payments from the government such as welfare and food aid. The combination of a devalued dollar and crushing debt will destroy the middle class.

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