At least nine nations have paused funding for the UN agency for refugees in Gaza after a report that at least a dozen UN employees took part in the attack on Israel October 7.Continue Reading

A wave of cold air described by one forecaster as “gobsmackingly bananas” is due to hit the US this weekend, raising questions about the energy grid in Texas which suffered from widespread blackouts during a cold snap in 2020.

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Rudy Giuliani testified before a special grand jury in Atlanta Monday, part of an investigation into election interference by Donald Trump. It appears the Deep State is using all-out lawfare to kneecap a potential presidential run by Trump in ’24.Continue Reading

Media has been silent on a scandal highlighted by Elon Musk over the weekend: African children as young as nine were sexully abused by UN workers in exchange for food aid. Meanwhile, nearly two dozen WHO staff have been accused of sexual abuse in Congo.Continue Reading

A spyware app called Pegasus has been marketed to governments around the world and used to turn mobile phones into surveillance devices targeting journalists and dissidents. Watch for calls to form a global cybersecurity agency—something the World Economic Forum is already promoting with some powerful backers.Continue Reading