The Biden administration’s foreign policy freed up weapons and money that, directly or indirectly, made this weekend’s attack by Hamas on Israel possible.

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Hunter Biden has been indicted on three gun-related charges, about the only things he’s accused of that doesn’t implicate his father. Meanwhile, the House begins its impeachment inquiry into the president, an odd kickoff to his reelection campaign.Continue Reading

The Taliban has reduced cultivation of opium poppies in Afghanistan, which produces 90% of the world’s heroin, by up to 99% in some provinces. Experts are calling this the greatest narcotics eradication program in human history.

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South Australia is testing a home quarantine app that uses geo-location and facial recognition to ensure compliance, while Italy tests a drone that measures body temperatures of people on the beach looking for those with fever.Continue Reading

The FDA’s two top vaccine official quit this week, reportedly upset that the Biden administration announced that most people would be offered a COVID booster shot eight months after vaccination before the FDA signed approved the idea.Continue Reading

The Washington Post reported Sunday that the Taliban offered to allow the US military to secure Kabul after the Afghan government collapsed. American officials declined, allowing the Taliban to take over the city and retaining control only over the airport.Continue Reading