Ukraine took delivery of more fighter jets while the Biden Administration prepares another $800 million package of weapons for the war against Russia.Continue Reading

China announced that it conducted marine landing drills directly across the strait from Taiwan, while Turkey’s President Erdogan has declared that he intends to eliminate US-backed Kurdish forces in northern Syria.Continue Reading

The media declared a Facebook whistleblower a hero this week, but make no mistake—progressives don’t want to weaken Facebook, they want to harness its power to silence conservatives.Continue Reading

US Climate envoy John Kerry told interviewers in France that President Biden “literally had not been aware” of the diplomatic spat that prompted French President Macron to recall his ambassador to the US. So, who’s calling the shots inside the White House?Continue Reading

Several events in China bear watching: Overt threats to Taiwan; a new blockbuster film about the “War to Resist American Aggression” (the Korean War); and economic trouble might push China’s government to find a distraction—like war to recover Taiwan.Continue Reading

A peer-reviewed academic paper published this week documents hard evidence of a Tunguska-like explosion in the atmosphere that destroyed an ancient city near Jericho that fits the biblical description of Sodom. SkyWatchTV was banned by YouTube! Please follow SkyWatchTV on Rumble:  5) The contrived border crisis; 4) COVID casesContinue Reading