Reactions to shocking public displays by two women—one a Democratic candidate for the Virginia state assembly, the other a GOP Representative in Colorado—highlight the fact that politics is, even for many professing Christians, a religion.

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Russia’s Foreign Ministry replied to a report last week that the US is building a dorm at an RAF base in the UK for nuclear safety and security, saying the Kremlin would respond to US nukes in Britain with “countermeasures.”

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The indictment of former President Donald Trump by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is the kind of thing Americans thought only happened in other countries.

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If Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s flimsy legal case against former President Donald Trump is intended to hamstring his 2024 campaign, it appears to be backfiring.Continue Reading

ONE OF THE LARGEST banks in America went belly-up Friday, leading to questions about how far this financial contagion will spread.Continue Reading

The expected “red wave” failed to materialize Tuesday night. Although Republicans are expected to win a majority of the House, Democrats may keep a slim edge in the Senate. In other news, God is still on His throne.Continue Reading

US credit card balances hit a record in the third quarter as banks offered more cards to consumers with less-than-stellar credit ratings. Meanwhile, subprime auto loans hit their highest delinquency rate in ten years.Continue Reading