Journalist Lara Logan, citing several intelligence sources, claimed Wednesday that the collapse of the Key Bridge at Baltimore was a specifically targeted cyberattack aimed at cutting important sea and highway transportation on the East Coast.

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THE SONG OF SOLOMON has layers of meaning. On the surface, it’s a beautiful depiction of the intimate relationship between a husband and wife. At a deeper level, it’s a picture of the mutual love between Christ and his church.Continue Reading

The US is sending F-35 fighters to the Middle East, reportedly to protect freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf. This announcement, like previous deployments of F-16s, F-22s, and A-10s, is clearly a message directed at Russia and Iran.

Continue Reading announced “woman” as its 2022 Word of the Year while the Cambridge Dictionary, the government of Scotland, and “progressives” worldwide change its definition.

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OUR STUDY in the New Testament this week focuses on military formations and tactics, although it might not seem that way at first.Continue Reading