THE BEAST that rises from the earth has horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. The False Prophet, as he’s named in Revelation 16 and 19, will pull an epic con on the world—convincing humanity that the Antichrist has been resurrected from the dead.Continue Reading

THE FIRST six seals are opened in our study of Revelation this week. Bearing in mind that the meaning of these seals has been debated for 2,000 years, we offer our best understanding of the images and prophecies recorded by John.Continue Reading

NOW WE get to the prophetic stuff! The Book of Revelation was written by John, either in the mid-60s A.D. or around 95 A.D. Most scholars believe it was the later date, during the reign of Domitian, although some believe it was thirty years earlier, during the reign of Nero.Continue Reading