New research reveals that a majority of pastors thinking about leaving the ministry worry that “Christians are more loyal to their political views than their faith.”

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Liberals in America seem to believe we should kill the children we don’t want and let government raise the rest.Continue Reading

A new investigation into record-keeping by 100 key 2020 battleground counties found that nearly all threw out or mishandled voting documentation they’re supposed to keep in case an audit is called.Continue Reading

The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, the home of former President Trump, ostensibly looking for documents improperly removed from the White House. Given the FBI’s behavior in the Russian collusion hoax, we have low confidence that the warrant, the search, or the motives behind it are legit.Continue Reading

3-D printed “suicide pods” may be available for people in Switzerland was early as next year as the belief spreads that death is an acceptable treatment for suffering.Continue Reading

A peer-reviewed study published in April found that the number one risk factor for severe outcomes caused by SARS-CoV-2 in people up to age 60 is obesity. But you wouldn’t know it from the corporate media.

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Sharon takes a few minutes to explain the principles behind her dramatic–120 pounds!–weight loss, and how she’s kept it off for more than four years.

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