THE MOOD IN ISRAEL is tense this weekend, as intelligence sources say Iran is preparing an imminent strike to retaliate for the recent airstrike against Iran’s embassy in Damascus.Continue Reading

Texas has seized a city park in Eagle Pass, a major entry point for illegal migrants, and is blocking access to US Customs and Border Protection. The Biden administration is suing to force Texas to stand down.

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IT’S DEFINITELY one of the strangest stories of 2023: Villagers in a remote region of the Amazon rainforest in Peru have been defending themselves against attackers called pelecaras, which translates into English as “face-peelers.”Continue Reading

SOFT DISCLOSURE of the existence of “extraterrestrial” life has gone mainstream, with stories about UAPs appearing in the corporate media regularly since December, 2017.Continue Reading

Hunter Biden has been indicted on three gun-related charges, about the only things he’s accused of that doesn’t implicate his father. Meanwhile, the House begins its impeachment inquiry into the president, an odd kickoff to his reelection campaign.Continue Reading

JOURNALIST JAIME MAUSSAN is back in the news after presenting what he called “non-human” mummies to a congressional committee in Mexico investigating UFOs. Continue Reading