SOFT DISCLOSURE of the existence of “extraterrestrial” life has gone mainstream, with stories about UAPs appearing in the corporate media regularly since December, 2017.Continue Reading

A GROWING BODY of evidence links the giants of the pre-Flood world with ancient Canaan and the mysterious island of Sardinia off the west coast of Italy.Continue Reading

The New York Times actually published a story on the testimony of Hunter Biden’s former business partner that contradicts nearly three years of denials that Joe Biden knew anything about his son’s apparently illicit business dealings in Ukraine, Russia, and China.

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IT IS possible to be delivered from addiction so severe that not only do you lose your family, but you’re convinced that you are the Messiah in the flesh.Continue Reading

A YOUNG MAN who was found guilty of plotting to kill Queen Elizabeth in 2021 was reportedly encouraged to go through with his half-baked plot by an AI chatbot called Sarai.Continue Reading