The 25-year-old accused of killing a Florida couple in 2016 and eating the husband’s face has been found not guilty by reason of insanity. It’s another example of a violent crime committed by one who claims he heard voices inside his head.

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The Carthaginians believed their military defeat in 310 BC was punishment for failing to provide the required sacrifices to their chief god, Baal Hammon. To atone, the city slaughtered some five hundred of its children. The evidence of history leads to this conclusion: The Watchers and/or the demon spirits of their dead children, the Nephilim, lured the pagans of the ancient world into burning their sons and daughters as sacrificial offerings to gods of the dead.Continue Reading

The Phoenicians are remembered as the sailors par excellence of late antiquity. Their ships circumnavigated Africa, reached Britain, and may even have traveled as far as the Americas. Less well known is that the Phoenicians continued the horrific practice of child sacrifice into the Christian era. There was even a black-market trade in children who were bought and sold to sacrifice as offerings to their chief god, Baal Hammon.Continue Reading

There are seven specific activities described as “abomination to the Lord.” All seven were intended to “gain information from or influence over a divine being or beings.” The connection of the Molech cult to these activities and underworld entities identifies Molech as the entity we met earlier—Kumarbi, the god summoned from the abi, which, as we’ve seen, is the Hurrian original behind the Hebrew words for “ritual pit” (ʾôb) and the spirits of the underworld (ʾōbôt).Continue Reading

THE PEOPLE in Canaan engaged in what God called “abominable practices”: First, burning a child as an offering to Molech, followed by divination, reading omens, augury, sorcery, enchantment, consulting mediums, necromancy, and inquiring of the dead.Continue Reading

THE HARSHEST criticism of Israel we’ve encountered so far is the focus of this week’s study. God calls the people of Judah a prostitute — except that prostitutes get paid.Continue Reading

ONE OF the most important aspects of the long spiritual war is blood. The Watchers tried to corrupt human bloodlines by physically mixing it with their own. Today, humanity seems driven to transform what it means to be human through science.Continue Reading

CONDEMNATION AND promise are the themes of Jeremiah’s prophecy against Judah in this week’s Bible study.Continue Reading