Reversing a statement he made Monday, President Biden is sending a precision rocket artillery system to Ukraine on the condition that it not be used against targets inside Russia. The problem is that the US has very little control over weapons in Ukraine.Continue Reading

US military officials admit that it’s impossible to track the tons of weapons being shipped into Ukraine, but it’s a risk the West is willing to take if it means prolonging the war and weakening Russia.Continue Reading

Financial Times reported this week that China tested a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS) in August, a nuclear-capable glide vehicle against which there is currently no defense.Continue Reading

Addressing the World Meeting of Popular Movements this past weekend, Pope Francis called for governments of the world to adopt Universal Basic Income (socialism) and for big tech companies to censor “hate speech” and “conspiracy theories.”Continue Reading

Technology plays a key role in so-called grassroots protest movements like Italy’s Sardines, Britain’s Extinction Rebellion, and movements like Antifa here in the United States.

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A court-appointed public defender has taken it upon herself to recommend reading and viewing material for clients charged in connection with the Capitol riot January 6. It’s been described as “a remedial social studies program.”

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