THE KEYHOLE is a symbol used to connect this world to the unseen realm all over the world. The symbolism may seem obvious to us today, representing a lock that opens a door between realms, but why was it so prominent thousands of years ago?Continue Reading

The Carthaginians believed their military defeat in 310 BC was punishment for failing to provide the required sacrifices to their chief god, Baal Hammon. To atone, the city slaughtered some five hundred of its children. The evidence of history leads to this conclusion: The Watchers and/or the demon spirits of their dead children, the Nephilim, lured the pagans of the ancient world into burning their sons and daughters as sacrificial offerings to gods of the dead.Continue Reading

The Phoenicians are remembered as the sailors par excellence of late antiquity. Their ships circumnavigated Africa, reached Britain, and may even have traveled as far as the Americas. Less well known is that the Phoenicians continued the horrific practice of child sacrifice into the Christian era. There was even a black-market trade in children who were bought and sold to sacrifice as offerings to their chief god, Baal Hammon.Continue Reading

CONDEMNATION AND promise are the themes of Jeremiah’s prophecy against Judah in this week’s Bible study.Continue Reading