NASA recently smashed a spacecraft into an asteroid to test a concept for a future planetary defense system. Is it a coincidence that asteroid Dimorphos is about the same size as Apophis, which makes a near-pass of Earth in 2029?Continue Reading

The Intercept reports that the Department of Homeland Security is broadening efforts to clamp down on speech it considers dangerous by partnering the big tech platforms. This isn’t news to anyone who’s been paying attention.Continue Reading

Drought across America’s farm belt threatens winter wheat and next year’s wheat, corn, and soybean crops. Add to that record low supplies and surging demand for diesel, and higher food prices will be with us for a while.Continue Reading

Government agencies around the world are planning for earthshaking catastrophes as an asteroid impact, the zombie apocalypse, and even how to kill giant monsters like Godzilla.

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Prayer could become illegal under a new law under consideration in the UK that would ban “conversion therapy.”

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