Turkey Invades Syria

October 10, 2019

Turkey’s military operation into northern Syria, dubbed Operation Peace Spring, began Wednesday as Turkish warplanes began bombing Kurdish and ISIS positions.

Extraconstitutional and Unconstitutional

October 8, 2019

The White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are locked in a test of will over whether she can launch an inquiry to impeach President Trump while trying to prevent Republicans from issuing subpoenas for witnesses and evidence.

Unraveling Revelation: The Church of Ephesus (Part 2)

October 7, 2019

Ephesus represents the first era of the church age, from the Resurrection through the early 2nd century. We discuss the focus of the early church’s lost love (God, one another, or both), and then we talk about the mysterious group called the Nicolaitans.

SciFriday: Dragon Wars, Climate Change, and the Death of King Arthur

October 4, 2019

While the Gilberts travel to San Antonio for the Unsealed Scroll Prophecy Conference, we bring back a classic episode of SciFriday, one with a topic that’s especially relevant given last week’s climate strike and Sharon’s description of the War of the Dragons in her forthcoming novel, Realms of the Dead.

Mike Kerr – Disclosure on the Coast

October 3, 2019

Mike Kerr of Hear the Watchmen talks about next weekend’s Disclosure on the Coast Prophecy Conference in Orange County, California, and shares a special two-for-one offer on streaming video.

The Democrats’ Ukraine Problem

October 1, 2019

Emerging evidence makes it appear that the big losers of the Ukraine-gate investigation will be Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Unraveling Revelation: The Church of Ephesus (Part 1)

September 30, 2019

Ephesus was a world-class city in the first century, the most prominent in Western Asia Minor. We discuss the importance of the goddess Artemis, evidence of demonic activity during the apostolic age, and begin to analyze the letter from Jesus to the church in the city where John spent his last days.

Pelosi Cuts GOP Out of Impeachment Process

September 30, 2019

Rule changes imposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last December make it clear that impeaching President Trump has always been on the Democrats’ agenda for this Congress.

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