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Brief hiatus for Gilbert House Fellowship

October 14, 2018

We will be taking a hiatus for the next two weeks. Sharon is still healing from her shoulder injury that makes sitting in an office chair for an hour very painful. And next weekend, I’ll

On ‘Conspiracy Unlimited’

October 13, 2018

Richard Syrett, one of best radio talk show hosts working today in any genre, interviewed me for an upcoming episode of his podcast Conspiracy Unlimited. We discussed my new book, Last Clash of the Titans, and covered

Hercules at Armageddon

October 10, 2018

I was a guest on Revealing the Truth with Rabbi Eric Walker yesterday to talk about my new book, Last Clash of the Titans.

Interview on KGRA

September 23, 2018

I was Patrice Sheridan’s guest on Global Newsmaker Focus Friday night to discuss my new book, Last Clash of the Titans. If you missed it, you can hear the archived interview here.

Moving away from Faceyspace

August 14, 2018

Facebook’s decision to eliminate integration with OS X, Wordpress, and other platforms is annoying and stupid. Maybe they’re trying to drive people like us off the platform, at least as content creators.

Talking Spirit

July 20, 2018

Most American Christians don’t believe the Holy Spirit is real, preferring to see it as a symbol of God’s love. That’s not how it’s described in the Bible.

Free tickets to Hear the Watchmen Conference!

July 6, 2018

No kidding! Book at least two room nights at the Hyatt Regency Long Island between now and Monday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time and you’ll receive two general admission tickets to the conference free of charge.

Don’t believe what the media is telling you

May 14, 2018

Sharon and I just watched the BBC News report on yesterday’s unrest in Israel. The story made it appear that the whole country is nothing but bullets, screams, and tear gas. Not so.

War of information

April 15, 2018

THE NEWS media is a weapon. The question is who’s wielding it and for what purpose?

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