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Pompous globalist jerk

June 30, 2016

Could this pompous gasbag be any more arrogant? An editor for Foreign Policy calls people who dare question their globalist betters a bunch of ignorant, frightened old people who can’t adapt to the new normal.

Ramadan roundup

June 16, 2016

Sheila Zilinsky did me the honor of inviting me to guest on her show to discuss the slaughter in Orlando.

Well, DUH

June 9, 2016

This absolute reversal on a recent study trumpeted by progressives comes as no surprise to anyone who actually pays attention to human behavior. The study in question professed to show that P [for “Psychoticism”] (positively

So much social media

June 1, 2016

Follow the new SkyWatchTV Instagram account. Christina Peck is doing a fantastic job of catching everything that happens behind the scenes.

Feminist stupidity reaches a new low

May 20, 2016

An artist filmed herself having sex with a stranger, she says, to encourage debate on the patriarchal nature of sexual violence. She succeeds only in proving that she’s living in a bubble.

Truth police

May 14, 2016

There are people who interpret the spread of “conspiracy theories” through social media as proof that we need protecting from ourselves.

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