There are seven specific activities described as “abomination to the Lord.” All seven were intended to “gain information from or influence over a divine being or beings.” The connection of the Molech cult to these activities and underworld entities identifies Molech as the entity we met earlier—Kumarbi, the god summoned from the abi, which, as we’ve seen, is the Hurrian original behind the Hebrew words for “ritual pit” (ʾôb) and the spirits of the underworld (ʾōbôt).Continue Reading

The quick suppression of protests in Kazakhstan, a country strategically located between Russia and China, may signal the end of Western-backed “color revolutions” in Central Asia.Continue Reading

THE DESTRUCTION of Jericho was not just a military victory. It was another statement of God’s superiority over the gods of the Amorites, whose land was about to be given to the Israelites.Continue Reading

Inflation hit an annual rate of 7% in December, which means that American Millennials and younger have never seen prices rise as fast as they have in 2021.Continue Reading