SciFriday: The Serpent Mound of Bashan

ONE OF THE MOST MYSTERIOUS sites on earth is even weirder than previously thought.

Less than ten years ago, Pastor Doug Van Dorn, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, using Google Earth, spotted a strange, serpent-shaped ridge on the Golan Heights just one-quarter mile from Gilgal Refaim, a megalithic site much bigger and much older than Stonehenge. Independently of Doug, we found it again after our 2019 tour of Israel. The ridge, which is three times longer and five times higher than the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio, is covered with more than 140 megalithic tombs. And besides being a five-minute walk from Gilgal Refaim, it’s within plain view of Mount Hermon.

Who turned this site into a necropolis nearly 6,000 years ago? Why there? And is the serpent-shaped ridge the reason the land was called Bashan—“place of the serpent”?

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