It might be less than three weeks away if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling. Democrats and Republicans are playing a game of chicken over massive spending bills that threaten to drive the country even deeper into debt with no plan to begin paying it off.

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Pfizer this week announced trials on a new drug to prevent COVID. The drug is described as a “protease inhibitor antiviral therapy”—just like the cheap, widely available drug Ivermectin.Continue Reading

An FDA employee, caught on video by Project Veritas, has floated a novel solution to vaccine hesitancy: Drones to shoot vaccine darts into the unvaccinated.Continue Reading

AN OCCULT organization with roots in British neo-Nazi movement has gone global, with a plan to call on the old gods to remake the world—a plan that includes human sacrifice.Continue Reading

The US government has until Thursday to raise the federal debt ceiling or it risks running out of money in October. Meanwhile, China is trying to stave off the collapse of Evergrande, which would be several times larger than 2008’s Lehman Brothers crash.Continue Reading

OUR GOD is “God of gods and Lord of lords.” This isn’t just hyperbole; it means that Yahweh is supreme among the denizens of the spirit realm.Continue Reading

A peer-reviewed academic paper published this week documents hard evidence of a Tunguska-like explosion in the atmosphere that destroyed an ancient city near Jericho that fits the biblical description of Sodom. SkyWatchTV was banned by YouTube! Please follow SkyWatchTV on Rumble:  5) The contrived border crisis; 4) COVID casesContinue Reading

President Biden’s address to the UN, which featured talk of the pandemic, climate change, and “building back better,” signaled to the world that he’s all in on the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. SkyWatchTV was banned by YouTube! Please follow SkyWatchTV on Rumble:  5) Biden addresses globalists and theContinue Reading