Deep State Bureaucrats “Can’t Get Fired”

September 19, 2018

5) Russia backs down in Syria, but Iran takes over Iraq; 4) Deep State pawns in D.C.; 3) Democrats stalling on Kavanaugh; 2) Dept. of Energy running secret experiments on humans; 1) National Solar Observatory

Preston and Kelly Condra – Bearing Spiritual Fruit

September 19, 2018

How do Christians live a Spirit-filled life when we’re the same people, filled with the same flawed thoughts, desires, and flaws? Preston and Kelly Condra, authors of the new book Bearing Fruit or Living Barren:

American Diplomats Trafficking in Blood

September 18, 2018

5) Kavanaugh’s mother judged foreclosure case against accuser’s parents; 4) Russian plane shot down during Israeli raid over Syria; 3) President Trump declassifies Russia investigation documents; 2) CDC and military partnering with Big Pharma for

Feinstein’s September Surprise

September 17, 2018

5) The remnant of Florence bringing more disruptive rain; 4) Democrats spring 11th hour sexual assault accusation on Judge Kavanaugh; 3) China to take over Haifa port in Israel; 2) WikiLeaks cybersecurity expert disappears; 1)

Nuke Plants in Path of Florence

September 13, 2018

5) Nuclear plants prep for Florence; 4) US, UK raise stakes with Russia; 3) News media rediscover apocalyptic prediction by Club of Rome; 2) Social justice statement by leading evangelicals; 1) Denver Airport trolls conspiracy

Health Scares from the Hajj

September 12, 2018

5) Health scares point out the threat of serious diseases crossing oceans; 4) Turkey moves troops to Syrian border; 3) Social media’s information monopoly; 2) Propaganda with puppets; 1) Student LGBTQ+ group in UK argues

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