Kennedy Retires, Heads Explode

June 28, 2018

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s announcement Wednesday that he’ll retire July 31st touched off predictable reactions from Democrats.

A wall of skulls

June 26, 2018

Archaeologists find remains of an Aztec wall of skulls under central Mexico Cit

Fake news hits new low

June 25, 2018

TIME magazine admits its cover showing President Trump looming over a crying immigrant girl is fake, but defends it as “symbolizing this moment in America.”

US out of UNHRC

June 20, 2018

The United States has officially withdrawn from the United Nations Human Rights Commission, and Israel says, “Thank you.”

Steve Quayle – Forbidden history

June 19, 2018

Ancient Egyptians in North America? Steve Quayle of GenSix Productions discusses his new documentary Forbidden History Revealed: The Egyptian Presence in the Americas and the Pacific Rim.

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