Way worse than watergate

January 22, 2018

Evidence points to the Obama administration using the FBI and the NSA to spy on Donald Trump during the presidential campaign.

Bigger than Watergate

January 21, 2018

No, not Hillary’s illegal email server. That was bad enough, but we’re talking about the use of America’s intelligence community by one political party against another.

Yahweh the warrior

January 21, 2018

THE LAMENT of Habakkuk and his vision of supernatural war are the focus of this week’s study.

Maybe it’s the way he said it

January 21, 2018

Maybe the president wouldn’t have ruffled so many feathers if he’d used the preferred term of the Peace Corps, “fecalized environments.”

Dems slam Trump, then vote to give him more power

January 18, 2018

Democrats had an opportunity to rein in the power of the president this week. Instead, 55 of them, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, voted to continue the government’s power to conduct warrantless surveillance on American citizens.

Christian Tarot cards?

January 17, 2018

An Australian group called Christalignment claims it can tell your destiny using “destiny cards” and “psalm cards” that, until recently, its website described as “similar to tarot.”

Social media censorship

January 16, 2018

News that Twitter is “shadow banning” conservatives really isn’t news. Google, YouTube, and Facebook do it, too.

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