Real defiance

September 25, 2017

NFL players from nearly every team that played Sunday took a knee in protest during the national anthem. They could learn something about defiance from the first African-American to win the Medal of Honor.

A city not forsaken

September 24, 2017

GOD ALLOWED Assyria and Babylon to oppress His people because they had turned away from Him. In our study this week, we discuss Isaiah’s prophecy of a day when the world will come to Israel to bring tribute to the Lord.

Eden and Hermon

September 24, 2017

Is it possible that the foul reputation of Mount Hermon and the region of Bashan grew out of an historic event—the literal fall from Eden, God’s holy mountain, by the rebel who was cast down by God?

Still here

September 23, 2017

Yes, we’re still here. No, I’m not bashing anyone. That doesn’t serve any good purpose. The sign in the heavens tonight is probably significant even if the world continues on as it did yesterday. What

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