Hillary’s email server has been big news, but the investigation with more potential to cause her serious legal trouble has been into her pay-for-play arrangement with the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State.Continue Reading

Rumors fly faster than light on the Internet.  I spent a couple hours last night (between innings of last night’s World Series game) chasing reliable sources without success. First, several people forwarded a video by a former government insider claiming that former intelligence officers had staged a counter-coup to anContinue Reading

Back in July, I gave FBI director James Comey the benefit of the doubt when he held his press conference to explain why Hillary Clinton wasn’t being indicted. Judge Andrew Napolitano has a better understanding of the way Washington works, and he offers another scenario.Continue Reading

So… the candidate who’s OK with bringing in a lot more Muslim immigrants is less of a threat to American Jews than the candidate with a daughter who’s converted to Orthodox Judaism?Continue Reading

Remember when they called Jerome Corsi crazy for his Internet conspiracy theory about the North American Union? “They” are the same people are backing Hillary. And she says: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”Continue Reading

The Fed opted not to raise its key interest rate yesterday.  If it had raised the rate, the economy almost certainly would have tanked before Election Day. Of course, Fed chair Janet Yellen had to defend herself against claims by Donald Trump that she’s keeping rates artificially low to pumpContinue Reading

Watching Hillary’s new TV spot didn’t convince me to support her, it made me want to vote against all the Republicans in the ad. And I don’t live in any of their states.Continue Reading