I am remiss: Derek on Like Flint Radio

November 23, 2015

My friends Cliff and GK graciously had me as a guest on their excellent program recently, Like Flint Radio, where we talked about dominionism, transhumanism, and Syria. Click here for the show notes and to hear the program.

Soaring Eagle Radio

November 5, 2015

Pastor Mike Spaulding was gracious enough to invite me to be a recent guest on his program, Soaring Eagle RadioClick here for the show.

Secular sharia

September 6, 2015

WE TEND not to be alarmists when it comes to Christian persecution. Christians have had a pretty good run in the United States over the last couple centuries. But things have shifted in recent years and it’s starting to get ugly.

Click here for the show notes and mp3 for the latest PID Radio.