March 6, 2016

Our study of Jesus’ ministry this week includes a look at his encounter with Legion.

Civil war in Israel

February 21, 2016

OUR OLD Testament study this week moves to a new phase of David’s life as he is declared king of Judah.

Woe to the lawyers!

February 21, 2016

JESUS SAVED his harshest criticism for the self-appointed gatekeepers of the faith, the scribes (lawyers) and Pharisees.

A ghost in the Bible

February 14, 2016

THE ONLY place in the Bible where we see the appearance of a human ghost is part of our Old Testament study this week.

Sermon on the Mount

February 14, 2016

TODAY’S STUDY is one of the most important of those we’ll encounter in the New Testament.

The only unforgivable sin

February 7, 2016

This week’s New Testament study includes the only unforgivable sin, the beginning of the conspiracy to kill Jesus, and the favorite verse of people who know nothing about the Bible.

Suffering fools

February 7, 2016

OUR OLD TESTAMENT study this week continues through the period of David’s life in the wilderness, on the run from the troops of King Saul.

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