Comments for this site had to be deactivated. A bot somewhere found an exploit in the WordPress spam filter and piled in over 30,000 bogus comments in less than 24 hours.Continue Reading

Author Mark Combs (End: The Beginning) now produces a podcast, and he graciously invited me to be a guest on Splinter in the Mind’s Eye.  Click here to hear the discussion.Continue Reading

So the Pentagon has decided to consider other options in the administration’s war against Bashar al-Assad.  Well and good.  Here’s a suggestion: Get out of Syria.Continue Reading

Bill Maher has it easy tonight. He basically read the headlines and his audience loved it.Continue Reading

The emerging story about NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal is almost too bizarre to believe. The president of the chapter in Spokane, a freckled, blue-eyed blonde as a child, has been passing for African-American for years.Continue Reading