Preston & Kelly Condra – Bearing Fruit

September 3, 2018

How do Christians live lives that bear spiritual fruit? Preston and Kelly Condra, authors of the new book Bearing Fruit or Living Barren, explain why “how,” rather than “what,” is the key word.

Dr. Mike Spaulding – Make the Pulpit Great Again

September 2, 2018

“THE CHURCH’S mission has become a putrid mix of social, cultural, and politically correct vomit because of these false shepherds.” That’s from the introduction of a new book by Dr. Mike Spaulding, Make the Pulpit Great Again.

Joel’s Army

September 2, 2018

WE CONCLUDE our study of Ezekiel and move on to the apocalyptic prophecy of Joel this week. Here’s a hint: The soldiers of Joel’s Army are the bad guys.

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