SciFriday: Human Brain Cells in Rats

November 10, 2017

Scientists have implanted human brain organoids–clumps of human brain cells–into rats to see if they would communicate with the animals’ brains. They did.

The Black Swan

November 9, 2017

Although the markets have done great since the election of Donald Trump, there is a sword hanging over the American economy. Experts call it “debt out the wazoo.”

Pastor Carl Gallups – Texas church shooting

November 6, 2017

Pastor Carl Gallups, author of ‘Be Thou Prepared,’ discusses prudent steps to protect against this kind of evil happening again and how we understand it in terms of our faith in Christ.

The Day of Yahweh

November 5, 2017

YOU’D THINK that prophets of Yahweh during the reign of good king Josiah would have been a little more upbeat. Not so much.

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