Stan Deyo: Tesla, Trump, and Power

February 13, 2017

NIKOLA TESLA is just one degree of separation removed from President Donald J. Trump. Stan Deyo joins us with details behind a 1982 interview he recorded for a documentary with Trump’s uncle, Dr. John G. Trump.

The divine council in action

February 12, 2017

GOD HAS a council that carries out His commands, and this week we get one of the few glimpses into its workings recorded in the Bible. It’s the story of Ahab’s demise in battle against the Syrians at Ramoth-Gilead, where the king of Israel is enticed by lying spirits to go to his doom.

A change in the priesthood

February 12, 2017

AGAIN WE find it impossible to get through more than a few chapters of the incredible Book of Hebrews. These chapters systematically make the case for the superiority of Jesus and the new covenant in his blood to the old covenant under the Law given to Moses.

Well, this is a surprise

February 10, 2017

My forthcoming book, The Great Inception, has cracked the Top Ten Best Sellers list in Amazon’s “Christian Prophecies” category on the strength of pre-orders.

World turned upside down

February 8, 2017

Environmental protesters leave behind tons of trash; TV watches you; more men wearing makeup; and the Earth’s magnetic poles may be shifting.

Cain, elongated skulls, and the old gods of Sumer

February 8, 2017

At Eridu and nearby sites in ancient pre-flood southern Sumer, and only there, archaeologists have found about 120 terracotta figurines scholars call “ophidian.” That’s fancy talk for snake-like.

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