Avatars in space

Leading transhumanists Elon Musk and Max More want to explore other planets and establish colonies in space. But while Musk wants to send astronauts to Mars, More wants to upload the minds of explorers into a hard drive on a rocket and then use a 3-D printer to create bodies–avatars–to carry them around on the Red Planet.

What they don’t realize is that all of us are transhumans–or at least we will be if we’ve accepted Jesus Christ is Lord. As Paul wrote, “We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.”

Also: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell emailed Clinton insider John Podesta that the Vatican knows about ETs (confirming Tom Horn’s Exo-Vaticana research) that want to give us zero point energy technology; secret X-37B space plane marks 500 days in orbit; and White House wants all federal agencies to launch “DARPA-like” programs to develop artificial intelligence.

Special thanks to Grace-Anne the Shih Tzu and her “momager” Camille Beck for this week’s SCIENCE!