Ditching our bodies for bionic parts

Transhumanists Elon Musk and Zoltan Istvan this week announced that humanity’s future is to become computer-human symbiotes, or ditching our biology altogether for bionics and electronics. But their plans to eliminate hunger, disease, pain, and fear would also erase what makes us human—physically and spiritually.

Also: Musk announces plan to build city on Mars; Europa does cosmic spit-take; Swedish scientist editing DNA of healthy human embryos; disease outbreaks on the rise; three more priests killed last week in Mexico; and huge increase in demand for exorcists in America.

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  1. Hi Derek, I enjoy watching you and the gang at Skywatch–I feel blessed to have found the channel on Roku. In regards to the September 27th Daily Update, you mentioned some of the mysticism that may be infiltrating the Christian church of today and I tend to agree, up to a point and I’d appreciate your thoughts on my concerns.
    For instance, I recently attended the “Holy Yoga” brand of yoga classes, at my daughter’s church. Of course, I went in very skeptical of what we might experience, but as a cancer survivor, I continual seek out “kinder” versions of health, than what standard medicine has to offer (aka pain meds). The classes involved a warm, quiet, darkened room, filled with LED candles. Additionally, beautiful Christian music–with words–was playing softly in the background. After the initial prayer, the yoga instructor taught us how to perform specific yoga positions and which muscles should be responding in these stretched moves. That was the entirety of the class–no odd practices that made my “Discernment Radar” go off.
    I have to tell you, those classes helped my chronic aches and pains so much, I was amazed at the brilliant anatomy and physiology knowledge of the practice. My husband is a health and exercise science and education professor at a Christian university and we’ve certainly talked about the health and body benefits of yoga.
    So, my question for you is, since I’m sure we can agree on the idea that God created all things good and man through sin has corrupted many of them (love and sex for instance and more recently, the rainbow), what if the anatomical benefits of yoga have their origins in some of the information God passed on to Adam? Like so many other wonderful creation-based science knowledge, it could have been corrupted by eastern religions. What if there is an element of God-given truth, in what we today call “yoga”, that was originally meant for our good. I’m sure this question could be used to discern so many topics.

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