Islamic terror in the US (again)

Bombs in New York and New Jersey and a stabbing attack in Minnesota over the weekend are a harsh reminder that Islamic jihad has arrived in the United States.

Also: US-led coalition launches accidental air strike against Syrian government troops; Congress investigates Obama administration effort to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu; the UK says no to an EU army; US auto sales tanking; massive sinkhole in Florida releases radioactive water into aquifer; and replica of Triumphal Arch from Palmyra, Syria goes up in New York City.

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  1. You mentioned no one really sacrificed children to baal according to your current research… but Jeremiah 19:5 suggests otherwise – among other texts in scripture.

    Love the show and the work you do! Keep on keeping on.

    • The question is which Baal? There were a number of deities called Baal in the ancient Near East — Hadad, Melqart, Marduk, Baal-Hammon (the Carthaginian form of Saturn, or Cronus–that’s the one that accepted child sacrifice), Baal-Berith, Baal-Zebul, Baal-Peor, etc.

      The one most commonly referred to as Baal in the Bible was Hadad. As far as anyone can tell, child sacrifice was not part of his worship. Molech, the god of the Ammonites, was a god known for child sacrifice.

      Not that I’m defending Baal. And it’s possible that there is evidence that archaeologists haven’t found yet. Just trying to be accurate with our information.

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