Torah code shows Hillary’s illness

Torah code expert Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson has found a new table in the book of Deuteronomy that mentions Hillary Clinton’s recently disclosed case of pneumonia.

Also: Category 5 typhoon hits China; Uber launches self-driving cars; scientists discover a new fault line in Oklahoma; technology companies urge Congress to turn the Internet over to global control; and a mysterious stone in South Africa may be from the breastplate worn by the high priest in Solomon’s Temple 3,000 years ago.

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  1. More going on w/Bill’s wife then we know?! Have wundered if ‘they’ would be there, when her (Bill’s wife) to interject another spirit in her body once she gives up the ghost?!

    Anthony Patch/con-cern-ed that the LHC might just be that ‘given’ key to the bottomless pit, amongst other things?! Saturn’s south pole is a pentagon – know you all covered much of this stuff before.

    Derek, you & wife would be great guest on the John B (ctm) show – it’s a
    given that Premiere won’t invite you or they’d choose to limit what to say?!

    Could Barry be a bluebeam’d image?! Or, does Barry even know who he is?!

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