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The same week I find myself agreeing with the ACLU (regarding the president’s unconstitutional belief that he can spy on Americans without warrants), I discover that I’m on the same side of a racial issue as the NAACP:

Former KTRS talk host David Lenihan and the radio station that fired him for uttering a racial slur while on the air, have reached a settlement.

Details have not been released, but Lenihan had hired an attorney and this was a financial settlement.

This morning, Lenihan joined the NAACP and promised to be involved in the organization, insisting it wasn’t a publicity stunt.

NAACP leaders blamed the media and KTRS management for over-reacting to Lenihan’s on-air statement. The civil rights group urged KTRS to hire him back.

That won’t happen. KTRS invested too much in making a big show of firing Lenihan to reverse itself now. (Besides, the station has already replaced him with McGraw Millhaven, another talk show host it recently fired.)

This confirms what I thought all along: Station management sensed that Lenihan’s mistake was a golden opportunity for publicity and jumped on it. Didn’t matter that a guy’s career was possibly ruined in the process.

A side note: The piling on by KTRS Noon-3pm host Kramer was crass. Anything for ratings, I guess. And this from a guy who has used the Confederate flag as his avatar at his online forum (nothing wrong with it, I know, it’s just ironic).

Just wait, Kramer. Shoes have a tendency to wind up on the other foot.

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