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Hagee, Falwell, and One Way

This is kind of a weird little flap:

PASTORS John Hagee and Jerry Falwell have both denied a report in The Jerusalem Post earlier this week that they embrace the “dual covenant” theology, which holds that Jews are saved through a special relationship with God and so need not become Christians to get to heaven.

In a statement to the Post, the Texas-based televangelist Hagee said that neither he nor Southern Baptist pastor Falwell “believe or teach Dual Covenant.”

John Hagee and Jerry Falwell
Pastors John Hagee and Jerry Falwell – File

Hagee added that he had “made it a practice for 25 years not to target Jews for conversion” at any “Night to Honor Israel” events. If Jews “inquire about our faith at a later time, we give them a full scriptural presentation of redemption.”

He stressed that “regardless of the response from the Jewish person, we remain friends in support of the State of Israel as required by scripture.”

Falwell, meanwhile, posted a statement on his website to the effect that he believes “all people – Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, Jews, Muslims, etc.” must accept Jesus in order to enter heaven.

The Jerusalem Post had reported that Pastor Hagee and Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg had persuaded Falwell to change his view that salvation is obtained exclusively through faith in Jesus Christ. Now, if true, that would have been jaw-dropping. The fact that the story ran at all in a reputable paper like the Post should raise some questions.

Why was it published? Was the Post‘s reporter duped? Did he rely on sources rather than speaking directly to Hagee, Scheinberg, and Falwell? Or was this a whole-cloth fabrication? And if so, to what end?

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