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Seven in a Row

The Cubs finally got some pitching yesterday, holding the Phillies to four runs, but tweren’t enough. Seven losses in a row now, two of the last three because LaTroy Hawkins couldn’t hold ninth-inning leads.

Bruce Sutter, Lee Smith–where are you? I’d settle for Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams at this point!

Meanwhile, that other team in Chicago is sitting at 22-7 behind a no-name pitching staff with a combined ERA under 2.95. The White Sox are winning like the ’59 Go-Go Sox, without their big guns of the last few years, Magglio Ordonez (gone), Carlos Lee (gone), and Frank Thomas (injured).

When the Big Hurt gets healthy, the South Siders could run away with the AL Central–if the pitching isn’t a fluke.

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