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A couple people have asked about a radio talk show I mentioned in comments about the Joel Osteen post below.

Todd Wilken is a pastor in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and he hosts a weekday afternoon talk show called “Issues, Etcetera” on KFUO, 850 AM in Saint Louis. While I don’t agree with LCMS doctrine in every respect (infant baptism, for example, and what seems to be a totally Calvinistic view of predestination), Wilken hosts a nicely-paced, intelligent program that addresses cultural and doctrinal issues of importance to the Body of Christ.

Recent shows have dealt with word-faith teachers, the “prosperity gospel”, heresies in the United Church of Christ and the Episcopal Church USA, bioethics, evangelicals’ support for Israel, the church growth movement, dispensationalism, and end times prophecy. Wilken also critiques sermons from prominent evangelists like Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, and others, calling them out for a tendency to turn the focus away from “Christ, and Him crucified.”

Those programs always stir up some pretty heated responses from Wilken’s audience. It makes me wonder whether the appeal of some of the more popular pastor-teachers in Christendom is a gift of rightly dividing the Word, or whether their followings are simply cults of personality.

You can listen to “Issues, Etc.” outside Saint Louis by logging into the website, The show airs weekdays 3-6 PM (Central) and Sunday nights from 10PM-Midnight, and it’s streamed live over the Internet at KFUO’s website. (You can also download programs you’ve missed to listen at your leisure.)

This afternoon, Pastor Wilken will review Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life. That should be a lively hour!

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