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Congratulations Red Sox

The Ex-Cub Factor has overwhelmed the Curse of the Bambino.

The Red Sox were clearly the better team in this World Series. There will be no wailing and gnashing of teeth in Saint Louis as there was after the infamous “Denkinger Series”, in which a horrible call by umpire Don Denkinger cost the Cardinals the 1985 World Series to the Kansas City Royals. No, the Cardinals were beaten soundly and in nearly all phases of the game.

Not that the Red Sox didn’t try to give the Cardinals some help. Even eight errors in the first two games, four by ex-Cub Bill Mueller alone, weren’t enough to give the Cardinals even a single win against the mighty Bostons. This is proof that the Ex-Cub Factor is the single most powerful predictor of World Series success.

Simply stated, any team with three or more ex-Cubs cannot win the World Series. Boston had two; the Cards had three.

If only Julian Tavarez had busted his hand sooner and been dropped from the series roster…but that’s talk for the water cooler in the morning.

Now it’s time for me to retire for a night of blissful slumber, content that my beloved Cubs once again played a pivotal role in the Fall Classic–and that, God willing, we have only to wait for Next Year.

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