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Lost in the Shuffle

Apparently John Kerry proposed creating a new federal agency last week. Or is it a new cabinet post?

There, in response to a question from a woman about the health problems caused by mold and indoor air contamination – and her complaint, “There’s not one agency in this government that has come forward” to deal with the problem – Kerry endorsed the creation of a new federal department.

“What I want to do, what I’m determined to do, and it’s in my health-care plan, is refocus America on something that can reduce the cost of health care significantly for all Americans, which is wellness and prevention,” Kerry said. So far, so good. But then, “And I intend to have not just a Department of Health and Human Services, but a Department of Wellness.”

Again, what? Apparently this idea comes from Teresa Heinz Kerry, who told the Boston Herald in January 2003 that she would, in the Herald‘s words, “be an activist first lady, lobbying for a Department of Wellness that would stress preventive health.”

Oh, boy. Well, maybe it could oversee the mandatory mental health screening. That’s going to be a big job.

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