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My favorite morning show, Tim & Al on KJSL (AM 630) in St. Louis, scored another great interview today. Between 7:30 and 7:50 this morning, they spoke with John O’Neill, co-author of Unfit For Command. O’Neill came across as a true gentleman, avoiding the type of ad hominem attacks that have been directed against him and his comrades by Democrats desperate to salvage John Kerry’s campaign.

What impressed me most, though, was his response to The Question, which Tim & Al always pose to guests: If you were to die five minutes from now, what one reason would you give God to justify entry into heaven?

O’Neill responded that he had donated a kidney to his wife about six months ago. (Christians know that, while noble, this is not the correct answer.)

Tim asked O’Neill whether he’d like to know if he was wrong about that, and O’Neill said yes, he would.

Tim then asked if O’Neill would take the time to read chapter three of the book of John, which records Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus, a Pharisee and member of the Sanhedrin, a good man who earnestly sought the kingdom of heaven. Tim said, “If you read that and believe it, you can have that assurance of knowing you’ll have eternal life. Would you do that before you go to bed tonight?”

O’Neill responded, “I will do exactly that. My wife reads the Bible every day and annotates it. She’s struggled with severe illness for twenty years, and she is the bravest person I know–braver than anyone I ever served with.”

Jack Harris, a missionary, happened to be in the studio with Tim & Al, and they turned to him for a prayer on behalf of Mr. O’Neill’s wife, Anne. When he finished, O’Neill thanked them for the prayer. He sounded touched and a little surprised; needless to say, this is not the kind of treatment he got from Chris Matthews on Hardball.

My impressions: Either John O’Neill is a very capable liar, or he is sincere and an honorable man who wants to do what he believes is right. After tonight, he may also be guaranteed a ticket to heaven, and I pray that is so.

And my respect for Tim Berends and Al Gross went up another notch.

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